• Product Care

    Caring for Windscreens, Windows, Hatches

    Regular cleaning with fresh water and a soft cloth will keep and protect your windshield, window, or hatch for years.


    Use commercially available glass cleaners or a mixture of fresh water and vinegar. Do not use abrasives, harsh chemicals, or metal scrapers. Regular cleaning will help assure clarity of the glass for safe boating.


    Never use glass cleaning solutions or dry cloth to clean Plexiglas®. Never use acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner. The only acceptable cleaners are a small amount of denatured alcohol, clean water, or a commercially available plastic polisher specific for the purpose. Use a soft rag and wash off the plastic windshield first with lukewarm water to avoid scratching the surface.

    Window Channels​

    Clean window channels with mild detergent only. Channels can be sprayed with silicone aerosol while sliding the glass back and forth.


    Polish with commercially available metal polishes. A boat or car wax periodically applied will offer extra protection against the elements.

    Boat Top Clips

    Never slide along on windshield framework
    To change clip location, snap on and off the aluminum top track.

  • Caution

    Never trailer your boat with the canvas unit erected. The resulting excessive forces could pull the top off the windscreen.
    Never ground windshield with any electrical devices or appliances.
    Never use the windshield as a mooring cleat for tying off to a dock, pier or another boat.
    Never use the windshield as a tie-off attachment for trailering purposes.
    Use care when opening and closing latches, adjusters and supports. Do not force.

  • Acrylic

    In addition to marine industry we also supply and manufacture for the aeronautical, automotive, manufacturing, recreational and domestic markets by carrying a large range of acrylic. Custom moulding jobs and small run orders a specialty. A cut to size service is available.

    Standard Tints: 
    ● clear
    ● clear green
    ● light & dark

    ● 2 mm
    ● 3 mm
    ● 4.5mm
    ● 6 mm
    ● 10 mm

    ● A full range of colors and thickness available on request

  • Marine Accessories

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

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    Plasview is a trusted retail agent for BLA and can supply you with a huge range of marine accessories to suit all your boating needs.

    FixSeal+ MSP190 (DNV Type Approved Product, Certificate No, K-3227)
    is the ultimate high strength, one-component adhesive sealant based on MS-Polymer for structural bonding and direct glazing bonding and sealing. The product cures into a very strong but flexible rubber, with excellent adhesion to many marine substrates such as; timber, fibreglass, carbon fibre, epoxy coated products, glass, ceramic, aluminium, all stainless steels, copper, rough and treated metals, and most plastics (consult our technical department).

    Fixtech has undertaken Structural Testing of Fixseal+ MSP190 by Structural Testing Services for DNV. Contact Fixtech for a copy of the results.